“Our Family Favorites”

What do you do when your mother makes the best grillades and your grandmother makes the best home-made bread and your father-in-law makes the best chicken and sausage gumbo and your mother-in-law makes the best stuffed crabs and your husband makes the best vegetable soup, etc. etc. etc.……..You get the recipes!

That is exactly what Toni Cade set out to do. Toni explains, “My husband and I love to cook. We have three teenage daughters and none of them know how to cook. According to them, why should they learn when we both cook all the time. But I really wanted to preserve our favorite recipes and put them all together so that my daughters could follow simple recipes of their favorite foods. I set out to aggravate family members by asking them repeatedly to actually measure all of the ingredients when they prepare our favorite recipes.” We all know that experienced cooks do not measure anything. This endeavor took two years to complete. Toni’s family (the Hulin’s) and her husband, Bobby’s family (the Cade’s) are wonderful cooks. By tapping their mental and half written database of recipes, a cookbook was compiled. Our Family Favorites-Favorite Recipes from the Cade and Hulin Families includes over 250 recipes. The family members reside in southwest Louisiana which is an area blessed with an abundance of fresh ingredients.

This is an excellent cookbook for anyone wanting family pleasing recipes from Cajun country. You will find simple instructions on how to make a roux, gumbo, cush-cush, bread pudding, funnel cakes, hot tamales, crawfish dip, and many other favorites from this region (southwest Louisiana). These recipes are easy to follow and are excellent for a new cook. It also makes for a unique wedding gift.

Bobby Cade and Toni Cade are owners of Cade’s Market located in St. Martinville, Louisiana.  Stop by Cade’s Market to pick up your copy of “Our Family Favorites” cookbook or contact the store at (337) 394-1772 to have a copy shipped to you.